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Yoga & Well-being Classes, Fermentation Workshops,
Healthy Living Retreats


What’s offered?

I offer wellness retreats, private & public classes and involvement in community projects.
Contact me to get involved!

I also organize private custom trips with our sailing boat ‘Jamala’ to bring you back to nature and connect with mother earth.

Along the way I incorporate mind – body practices, to allow you to connect with yourself, your health and your surrounding in a deeper way.

Why go on a Healthy Voyage?

It is my belief that the world needs people to connect with themselves and nature again.
To feel like you are part of a bigger picture.
To feel like you can make a difference and have an impact. To feel yourself, your emotions & your body.
Learn to connect all of this so you can live your dreams in a sustainable way for yourself and the environment.

Get the tools to live a healthy, happy life.
For your sake and the planets.

Classes & Retreats

Classes with Sandra

Hatha Yoga & Energy Healing
Laughter Yoga for groups
Tension & Trauma Release
Fermentation workshops

-currently in Kenya-

More details!

Sailing Retreats 2018

We will be hosting custom retreats for small groups who are keen on adventure, sailing and camping!
These trips are ideal for sailors, kiteboarders, surfers, divers, yogis and nature lovers alike.
Dates & Routes will be announced soon.

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As we are living and travelling on our boat Jamala , the events and retreats will morph and change to adjust to where we are.

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