old About Me

What do you do?

I launch you
into take off position
for your visions & projects
without stress.

I offer guidance and inspiration to help you shift your behaviors to healthy habits that are sustainable to you and act as a launchpad for your quests.

I want your health to support you on all levels so that you can focus your curiosity on the beauty that is the world.

People that work with me develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them as a unique individual.
Instead of prescribing one diet or one way of exercising, I focus on teaching clients to become self-sufficient by observing their body’s responses to various modifications, and choosing health-promoting behaviors that work for them to ensure lasting lifestyle changes. We also put a large focus on how to deal with stress in your life and how to build a toolkit of stress busters that you can refer back to.

I have studied a variety of dietary theories, personal development techniques and specific coaching methodologies.
Some of the concepts I apply to my work are:
• No one diet works for everyone
• We are not only nurtured by food but also by other factors in our life – find what fuels you.
• Learn to dance with the stressors in your life – let it empower you, not break you.

Work with me.

Who are you?

I’m Sandra, Health coach – TRE Facilitator – Laughter Yoga Leader and Fermentationist

Believe it or not my training started as a waitress in our family restaurant(s) where I learnt about good food and drink, recipe development, catering services and the love for nourishment through food & community.
This gave me an ever curious mind about food and deliciousness (the healthy side of that came later).

Moving on to be a nomad, traveling and working as a Sailor and Kitesurf instructor I learnt about different cultures and foods, became very good at organizing logistics, especially provisioning for long trips, and even did a short stint as a personal chef on yachts.

Looking for a career change I trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York to become a Health Coach.
This was the beginning of my journey to Wellness (personal & professional).

Through this training I discovered TRE by David Bercelli, which fascinated me so much that I signed up for the training in Bali and Thailand with Maria Alfaro and Joan Macdonald as my trainers. The results where mind blowing.
Also I became a Laughter Yoga Leader which, I find, goes hand in hand with TRE and stress reduction.

In the meantime I became Operations & Program Manager at Santosa Detox&Wellness Center where I split my time between running the center and taking care of the detox guests.

As a self trained chef and fermentationist I live with an ever-curious mind and love for experimentation in the kitchen.

Who are you really?

Sister – Foodie – Nomad – Sailor and Adventurer – Global seeker of awe

I am a Kenyan- German who loves to travel in adventurous ways.
Cycling through Spain, sailing around South East Asia, driving a yellow bird school bus through Central America and of course camping in Kenya are some of my favorites.

I love the ocean, it’s depth, mystery and the metamorphosis it undergoes constantly.
I love to cook for my friends and family and spend time in community.
I also saw the link between wellbeing, food and community whilst spending most of my time in my family’s restaurants (both in Kenya & Germany)– observing and working intrigued by this connection.

After a debilitating injury to my spine and a few chronic conditions I had shrugged off for many years, I was forced to take some downtime to recover and realized I wasn’t as healthy as I had believed to be.
I suffered from PCOS, depressive phases & anxiety, negative beliefs, severe digestive issues, chronic muscle&joint pains, fatigue and on top of that various infections bugged me regularly.
But I just pushed on through ignoring the alarm bells going off in my body.

The mission of self healing began not just with nurturing myself through food but also nurturing myself through better relationships with myself and others, different physical activity, a deeper connection to my spirituality, and a new career.

From my own experience I realized a journey to better health, as enriching as it is difficult, would be far better with a companion.

Find out how I can support you on your voyage.

Get in touch.