Hi I'm Sandra

I am a movement enthusiast and feel fulfilled when I can help people discover more joy and aliveness through movement.

I do this by teaching a variety of different Yoga styles, Laughter Yoga and Tension & Trauma Release exercises, in order to reduce and release physical and emotional stress, increase creativity, curiosity and wellbeing.

I also love to expand that curiosity into Fermentation of healthy foods. How to make and preserve your own food, while helping to heal your microbiome.

My aim is to create a space in which people can explore their Self through movement, and to encourage them to be curious and open to discovering new things.

I have been taking Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement classes since 2013 which have influenced my practice greatly.
I also studied EFT, Pranic Healing and Reiki over the years, as well as Anatomy, Fascia and Biomechanics. I draw knowledge from these techniques to incorporate into my yoga practice and teachings.

In 2013 after a debilitating back injury and other health issues that were causing me problems I was looking for a career change – and a way to heal myself – so I trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York to become a Health Coach.
This was the beginning of my personal & professional journey to Wellness along with receiving Acupuncture and Feldenkrais lessons.

Through this training I discovered TRE by David Bercelli, which fascinated me so much that I signed up for the training in Bali and Thailand with Maria Alfaro and Joan Macdonald as my trainers. The results where mind blowing.

Later I became a Laughter Yoga Leader & Yoga Teacher, which goes hand in hand with TRE and stress reduction.

In the meantime I became Operations & Program Manager at Santosa Detox&Wellness Center in Thailand where I had the privilege to work alongside and have sessions with world class therapists and coaches from many different disciplines ranging from TCM, Bodywork, Energywork, Coaching, Nutrition, Herbalism…

Personally before I got on my path to wellness I was living my dream of being a sailor, a nomad and watersports junkie. After that debilitating injury to my spine and a few chronic conditions I had shrugged off for many years, I was forced to take some downtime to recover and realized I wasn’t as healthy as I had believed to be – even though I was living my dream.
I suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, depressive phases & anxiety, body image issues & negative mind set, severe digestive issues, chronic muscle&joint pains, fatigue and on top of that various infections bugged me regularly – all under the umbrella of Pyrolles Disorder.
But I just pushed on through ignoring the alarm bells going off in my body for a long time.

The mission of self healing began not just with nurturing myself through food but also nurturing myself through better relationships with myself and others, different physical activity, a deeper connection to my spirituality, and a new career.

I have had many great teachers along my path and I am continuously learning about my self, my environment and how to do things better. I do multiple in-person and online trainings a year to stay up to date in the field of health, wellness and movement and to continuously evolve my own practice and expand knowledge base.

Get in touch so we can continue this voyage together.